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This magazine has a growing audience and a community of talented writers and researchers, coming together to produce articles on all the genre which touch our human lives. Each Department has an Editor, with Several Columnists writing under their own subject specialism. Meet the team below.

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Founder / Executive Editor of Houghton & Mackay, and The Mackayan magazine, Training Specialist, Cognitive Scientist, Life Coach and Entrepreneur, Karl Houghton, based in Loughborough and London


Founder / Executive Editor

Founder of the Houghton & Mackay organisation. Having spent his younger years practicing for the stage, Trained as a Japanese interpreter and mentor, developed as a public speaker and began working with a host of people from the expressive industries. An avant-garde cognitive scientist, devoting time to the world of human expression and helping others learn and master all they do.

Media Page

Janine White, Culture Editor for The Mackayan Magazine, Social Advocate and Cultural specialist.

Janine s White

Culture Editor

With an education in sociological and psychological inquiry, Janine looks for answers to many of life’s questions on a daily basis. Janine’s career has allowed her extensive time working with people from all walks of life in supportive, practical and therapeutic ways, allowing her the theoretical and practical knowledge to explore new ways of thinking. 

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Annabel Barker, Literature Columnist for The Mackayan

Annabel Barker

Literature Columnist

I have been interested in writing and literature for as long as I can remember, with a particular focus on themes and messages within the written word. I am currently working towards a BA (Honours) Arts and Humanities (Creative Writing) with the Open University.

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Iasmina Voinea, Culture Columnist and Cultural Specialist for The Mackayan News Magazine

iasmina voinea

Culture Columnist

As the only Romanian studying Modern with Contemporary Writing at UEA, I have always hovered between different worlds and languages, with writing as the only way to bridge the gap between them. I am therefore endlessly fascinated by all cultures and look to explore this interest in future essays, articles, and stories. 

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Eleanor Worthington, Arts Columnist for The Mackayan Media Group.  Architect Specialist.

eleanor worthington

Arts Columnist (Architecture Specialism)

Whilst studying for her undergraduate degree in Architecture, Eleanor remains passionate and forever infatuated by the Arts. Through routine visits to art galleries and museums, both virtually and physically, Eleanor revels in the immersion of composition, history, symbolism and cultural significance. She believes the Arts are essential to us all whether we are the artist or the audience and intends to encourage curiosity into the dynamics at play within the thoughts, ideas and practices within the Arts, provoke discussion and provide a sense of inspiration and escape in her future writing.  

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Nigel Tate, Political Columnist and International Relations expert for The Mackayan Publication.

nigel tate

Politics Columnist

An aspiring writer, who has received his Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations. Here to provide a creative outlook into Politics, in order to create awareness and engage people in political concepts. 

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Cherry Irvine, Arts Columnist and Art History Specialist for The Mackayan Magazine.

cherry irvine

Arts Columnist

Having recently completed a Master’s degree in Art History from The Courtauld Institute of Art, I am keen to share my passion for the arts through this publication. My articles seek to engage the reader in discussions surrounding museums, exhibitions, and artists, encouraging them to question art and its role in society. I believe art has the power to provide us with new perspectives and my writing aims to explore such ideas. 

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Rosalind Wang, Arts Columnist for The Mackayan Magazine and Media Group.  Specialising in Chinese Art and Oil Painting.

rosalind Wang

Arts Columnist

I am a postgraduate from Durham University. I have finished my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Oil Painting in Sichuan university China. Writing is always my pursuit and I have been working on it since I was an undergraduate student. I am interested in exploring a lot of genres, including poems, literature, art and have completed a novel The life and death. I have also many overseas experiences from which I find my inspirations. 

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Leyla Resuli, Arts Columnist for The Mackayan Magazine

Leyla resuli

Arts Columnist

Leyla is a Creative Writing graduate whose heart has belonged to writing from a young age. Through her degree she delved into many different forms and found a love for prose, theatre, video game writing, and poetry. She is fascinated by stories and the ability of the arts to touch and affect our lives.

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Jasmine Chan, Arts Columnist for The Mackayan Magazine.  Specialising in Abstract art, expressionist Art and gestural Art.

jasmine chan

Arts Columnist

I am a BA Fine art and Illustration student who is looking for placements, as well as experience in the art industry. In the past, I have collaborated with artists, along with some experience with invigilating for an exhibition. I paint and draw in an abstract style and have interest in abstract expressionism and gestural art. Recently, I have begun to explore making and editing videos.

To me, art is something that is inclusive and can be translated into a variety of media. Art transcends barriers and is understood in many ways. I aim to discuss about the arts industry and how the world influences art.

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Francesca Vine, Arts Columnist for The Mackayan Magazine.  With a Specialism in European Culture and Art.


Arts Columnist

Francesca Vine is an art historian and new graduate with a BA in History of Art from The Courtauld Institute of Art, London. Her passion for art was ignited on childhood trips to Italy and Paris and my current research interests include women artists and cross-cultural links within renaissance Europe.

See Francesca’s articles Here & Media Page

anna alford

Culture Columnist

Anna is a curious-minded individual looking to pursue her zeal for writing. Currently a neuroscience student in Bristol, she has a strong fascination for all things science. Her intrigue means her interests are not limited to science, and she is keen to explore its crossover with other topics such as culture and education in her articles.

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chiara castro

Political Columnist

Chiara is an Italian writer based in Bristol. Her love for literature was the base upon she developed a great fascination for the use of words and their combinations. An aspiring journalist, who is about to start a Master’s degree in International Journalism at Cardiff University. She is here to share her perceptions of the world about politics, international current affairs and geopolitical matters.

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mandy wan

Literature Columnist

Currently pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, Mandy is dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of the human psyche. Her curiosity stems from what she considers to be one of the purest expressions of emotion: literature. In turn, she aims to explore the underlying narratives of human behaviour portrayed in books throughout the ages, be it fiction or non-fiction, in her writing. 

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esther duckworth

Literature Columnist

I am a sixth form student currently studying for A Levels in English Literature, Spanish and History. I have a wide reaching interest in the arts, but my love for reading from a young age has fostered a particular interest in all genres of books. I am interested to explore new avenues in this field through writing, and hope to perhaps combine my passion for literature with my love for Spanish and History in some of my articles. Outside of the academic world I enjoy dancing, swimming and creative writing as well as dabbling in photography and film-making.

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jo davies

Literature Columnist

Being a life-long bibliophile and fervent writer, Jo studied English and Classics at university and continues to cultivate her curiosity of how literature connects us. Her own writing endeavours to offer engaging insight, perspective, and appreciation for all things culture and literature.

See Joanna’s articles Here


Culture Columnist

Currently an undergraduate, studying History at the University of Kent, Harvey enjoys combining his love for writing with his interest in exploring the history and culture of the world around us. It is his belief that this exploration is integral to understanding who we are today.

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tyler bonson

Music Columnist

Tyler Bonson is a Literary and Critical studies PhD student. In his immediate surroundings, music was (and is) between ambient and excessive, always. Then he read Mark Fisher. And so.

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Culture Columnist

Stephen’s enjoyment in creating non-fictional pieces inspired by academic knowledge and philosophical enquiry began after he finished university. He also has a long history with creative writing during A levels, and it is the combination of those two ironically contrasting factors that brings his writing to life. Stephen’s style of writing has been a process of alteration and mutation, spanning over the last 6 years or so.

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Sandra bishop

Culture Columnist

Sandra has a First Class Honours degree in Religious Studies, a PGCE with Distinction in Post Compulsory Education and Training, and 20 years’ experience in education and social care settings. She has interests in the areas of health and well-being, and uses her writing to explore health inequalities.

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mathilda heller

Culture Columnist

I am currently studying for a degree in Spanish and English Literature at Exeter University. I have extensive experience working as an English Tutor, editor and proof-reader. I have read since I was tiny, and nothing brings me more joy than literature, which is what I will explore in my articles. I have two main passions: poetry (especially the work of Sylvia Plath) and literature in translation.

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ben kourakis

Literature Columnist

Though currently on a gap year, Ben is hoping to eventually go to university to study an English BA and thereafter possibly pursue a career in writing of any sort. Eager to discuss real-life topics and ideas gathered from reading novels, poems and nonfiction by authors such as Albert Camus and George Orwell amongst a large variety of others.

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Lauren Pilley

Culture Columnist

Lauren recently had the bad luck of graduating from home during the recent lock-down after studying Spanish and German for four years. During her degree spent time writing for the student newspaper’s Comment section, and is now excited to continue exploring both the micro- and mega-trends which permeate our everyday lives.

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andrea jane pearce

Culture Columnist

Andrea is a London based content writer and aspiring author with wide-ranging interests, from travel to philosophy. Through her articles, she aims to explore the impact of individuals on society, and to encourage conversation and reflection on lesser-discussed subjects.

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grace toovey

Music Columnist

I am a recent Law graduate as well as being a teacher of English to speakers of foreign languages. I have an avid curiosity towards the world around me and endeavour to understand different cultures, languages and ways of thinking. I facilitate this through my passion for reading, politics, writing, and most specifically, music. As someone who has played musical instruments since childhood who has always had at least some fascination with music, I believe that it can be an accessible window into everyday life, emotions, and varying human experiences the world over which I love to explore.

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Caomhe Clements

Arts Columnist

While at University, Caoimhe found herself sinking into the world of writing. For her it became a form of expressionism. She is a Professional Photographer, who speaks of Climate Change and Mental Wellbeing with an inspiring passion. You will probably find her in an art gallery, drinking coffee and planning her next project.

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jennifer campbell o’brien

Music Columnist

Jennifer graduated in Liverpool in 2011 with a degree in English Literature and then continued completing studying at postgraduate level. Jen has a variety of interests, including article and novel writing, poetry, Drama, music, public speaking and fitness, including marathon running and swimming. Jen is delighted to be supporting the magazine.

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matthew parkes

Politics Columnist

Having just finished a Master’s Degree in Assyriology from the University of Cambridge, Matthew now hopes to satisfy his insatiable curiosity by pursuing a career in journalism. He is looking to build on his experience as a reporter at Pi Media, Varsity and the Newark Advertiser and write about the defining themes of our time.  

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Hal Fish

Music Columnist

After a decade in New Zealand (where he completed his BA in English), Hal returned to England to complete both his MA in Sports Journalism and NCTJ Diploma in Journalism. Yet music has always been a great obsession for Hal. He hopes this comes across in his work here. 

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ezra meikle

Literature Columnist

Ezra Meikle is an English Literature graduate with an interest in postcolonial literature and the Romantics. They are compelled by different and unique forms of storytelling, which they partake in through Dungeons and Dragons, and digital Shakespeare readings. Their goals include writing about contemporary prose and collecting more polyhedral dice.

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