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This magazine has a growing audience and a community of talented writers and researchers, coming together to produce articles on all the genre which touch our human lives. Each Department has an Editor, with Several Columnists writing under their own subject specialism. Meet the team below.

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Founder / Executive Editor of Houghton & Mackay, and The Mackayan magazine, Training Specialist, Cognitive Scientist, Life Coach and Entrepreneur, Karl Houghton.

Karl Houghton

Founder / Executive Editor

Founder of the Houghton & Mackay organisation. Having spent his younger years practicing for the stage, Trained as a Japanese interpreter and mentor, developed as a public speaker and began working with a host of people from the expressive industries. An avant-garde cognitive scientist, devoting time to the world of human expression and helping others learn and master all they do. Single, and spending his time between his Leicester base, London and Singapore.

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Janine White, Culture Editor for The Mackayan Magazine, Social Advocate and Cultural specialist.

Janine S. White

Culture Editor

With an education in sociological and psychological inquiry, Janine looks for answers to many of life’s questions on a daily basis. Janine’s career has allowed her extensive time working with people from all walks of life in supportive, practical and therapeutic ways, allowing her the theoretical and practical knowledge to explore new ways of thinking. 

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Annabel Barker, Literature Columnist for The Mackayan

Annabel Barker

Literature Columnist

I have been interested in writing and literature for as long as I can remember, with a particular focus on themes and messages within the written word. I am currently working towards a BA (Honours) Arts and Humanities (Creative Writing) with the Open University.

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Iasmina Voinea, Culture Columnist and Cultural Specialist for The Mackayan News Magazine

iasmina voinea

Culture Columnist

As the only Romanian studying Modern with Contemporary Writing at UEA, I have always hovered between different worlds and languages, with writing as the only way to bridge the gap between them. I am therefore endlessly fascinated by all cultures and look to explore this interest in future essays, articles, and stories. 

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Nigel Tate, Political Columnist and International Relations expert for The Mackayan Publication.

nigel tate

Political editor: UK & The Americas

An aspiring writer, who has received his Bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations. Here to provide a creative outlook into Politics, in order to create awareness and engage people in political concepts. 

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Cherry Irvine, Arts Columnist and Art History Specialist for The Mackayan Magazine.

cherry irvine

Arts Columnist

Having recently completed a Master’s degree in Art History from The Courtauld Institute of Art, I am keen to share my passion for the arts through this publication. My articles seek to engage the reader in discussions surrounding museums, exhibitions, and artists, encouraging them to question art and its role in society. I believe art has the power to provide us with new perspectives and my writing aims to explore such ideas. 

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Jasmine Chan, Arts Columnist for The Mackayan Magazine.  Specialising in Abstract art, expressionist Art and gestural Art.

jasmine chan

Arts Columnist

I am a BA Fine art and Illustration student who is looking for placements, as well as experience in the art industry. In the past, I have collaborated with artists, along with some experience with invigilating for an exhibition. I paint and draw in an abstract style and have interest in abstract expressionism and gestural art. Recently, I have begun to explore making and editing videos.

To me, art is something that is inclusive and can be translated into a variety of media. Art transcends barriers and is understood in many ways. I aim to discuss about the arts industry and how the world influences art.

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anna alford

Culture Columnist

Anna is a curious-minded individual looking to pursue her zeal for writing. Currently a neuroscience student in Bristol, she has a strong fascination for all things science. Her intrigue means her interests are not limited to science, and she is keen to explore its crossover with other topics such as culture and education in her articles.

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chiara castro

Political Editor: Europe & Asia

Chiara is an Italian writer based in Bristol. Her love for literature was the base upon she developed a great fascination for the use of words and their combinations. An aspiring journalist, who is about to start a Master’s degree in International Journalism at Cardiff University. She is here to share her perceptions of the world about politics, international current affairs and geopolitical matters.

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mandy wan

Literature Columnist

Currently pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, Mandy is dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of the human psyche. Her curiosity stems from what she considers to be one of the purest expressions of emotion: literature. In turn, she aims to explore the underlying narratives of human behaviour portrayed in books throughout the ages, be it fiction or non-fiction, in her writing. 

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Team Photo for Stephen Hinds Day, Culture Columnist for The Mackayan


Culture Columnist

Stephen’s enjoyment in creating non-fictional pieces inspired by academic knowledge and philosophical enquiry began after he finished university. He also has a long history with creative writing during A levels, and it is the combination of those two ironically contrasting factors that brings his writing to life. Stephen’s style of writing has been a process of alteration and mutation, spanning over the last 6 years or so.

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Team Photo for Mathilda Heller, Culture Columnist for The Mackayan

mathilda heller

Culture Columnist

I am currently studying for a degree in Spanish and English Literature at Exeter University. I have extensive experience working as an English Tutor, editor and proof-reader. I have read since I was tiny, and nothing brings me more joy than literature, which is what I will explore in my articles. I have two main passions: poetry (especially the work of Sylvia Plath) and literature in translation.

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Team Photo for Caoimhe Clements, Arts Columnist for The Mackayan

Caomhe Clements

Arts Columnist

While at University, Caoimhe found herself sinking into the world of writing. For her it became a form of expressionism. She is a Professional Photographer, who speaks of Climate Change and Mental Wellbeing with an inspiring passion. You will probably find her in an art gallery, drinking coffee and planning her next project.

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Team Photo for Matthew Parkes, Political Columnist for The Mackayan

matthew parkes

Politics Columnist

Having just finished a Master’s Degree in Assyriology from the University of Cambridge, Matthew now hopes to satisfy his insatiable curiosity by pursuing a career in journalism. He is looking to build on his experience as a reporter at Pi Media, Varsity and the Newark Advertiser and write about the defining themes of our time.  

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Team Photo for Hal Fish, Music Columnist for The Mackayan

Hal Fish

Music Columnist

After a decade in New Zealand (where he completed his BA in English), Hal returned to England to complete both his MA in Sports Journalism and NCTJ Diploma in Journalism. Yet music has always been a great obsession for Hal. He hopes this comes across in his work here. 

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Team Photo for Jasmine Edge, Literature Columnist for The Mackayan

Jasmine Edge

Literature Columnist

Jasmine has a general love of literature, but in particular an interest in how readers relate to both classic and contemporary texts in the present day. She is an aspiring journalist who is looking for experience before starting a joint honour in Journalism, Media and English Literature.

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Team Page photo for Hannah Lingard, Political Columnist for The Mackayan

hannah lingard

Political Columnist

After finishing school, Hannah spent a year living in Honduras. It left her wondering what drives global inequality and with a curiosity to explore the world. As a result, she studied International Development at King’s College London. She is currently studying a Masters in International Journalism at Cardiff University. 

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Kaz Bosali, Political Columnist for The Mackayan

Kaz Bosali

Political Columnist

Law graduate and writer who embraces multimedia to captivate readers through compelling storytelling. I’m a freelance content creator for SME’s and outside of my first love of writing, I’m either quizzing (where my general knowledge is getting better and impressing people on the odd occasion) or I’m at the gym. 

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Gabrielle Jones, Political Columnist for The Mackayan

gabrielle jones

Political Columnist

Gabrielle has recently completed a Bachelors degree in Politics and International Relations and will be starting an MA in European Philosophy in September 2021. Her particular interests lie in feminist politics and philosophy, US politics, and the EU. Most of all, Gabrielle enjoys finding the personal in the political, and hopes this is elucidated in the writing.

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Megan Rees, Literature Columnist for The Mackayan

megan rees

Literature Columnist

As an MA English Literature graduate, Megan is fascinated by different ways of perceiving and understanding the world, and how this can be portrayed in writing. An inherently-creative and inquisitive writer, she often finds herself typing away on her laptop at early hours in the morning, and jotting down ideas and insights on her iPhone or random scraps of paper whilst out and about.

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jade perez

Literature Columnist

With an MA in English and Comparative Literature, Jade enjoys exploring the intersectionality of politics, theory and culture within creative mediums. Her main interests include Modernism, Early Modern Renaissance and Contemporary World Literature. She often enjoys finding parallels between each, to help in understanding the people and affairs of today.

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Michaela Hall

Culture Columnist

Michaela is a Fine Art graduate, visual artist and writer based in the North East of England. Her interests are in the role of art and the creative industries in everyday life and the socio-politics of the twenty first century, seeking to engage all in these conversations.

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Connie Hatt

Political Columnist

Connie is a recent history graduate and aspiring journalist based in East London. She has a natural curiosity for the historical roots of contemporary political developments and strives to contextualise current affairs in a way that is both accessible and valuable. As a reporter, she hopes to bring nuance and balance to scrutinizing complex political situations.

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Mike s. Alexander

Music Columnist

Michael has worked in music and fringe theatre production for approximately 5  years,  collaborating with performers from differing backgrounds with a multitude of approaches to  musical performance and performance art. New to The Mackayan team, Michael endeavours to use his professional background along with extensive research to entertain and educate readers with his articles.

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Alex Stubbs

Arts Columnist

Alex holds an MA in Art History specialising in Post-War and Contemporary art and photography. Always critical and curious in his writing, Alex aims to challenge conventional perspectives on art history, combining philosophy and art criticism in an effort to make scholarship accessible to a wider audience

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Calan Wilkinson

Video Journalist

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Design. Video editing started as a hobby, but has grown into something more for me. I write scripts for my own video ideas in my spare time and enjoy recording  voice-over.

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Hannah Donlan

Literature Columnist

English Literature graduate Hannah has an interest in how literature can help understand the world around us. Her main interests include The Romantic Period and American Literature of the 50s and 60s. She aims to make connections between texts from these periods and today’s modern and ever-changing society.

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Video Journalists sought

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