the mackayanglobal media

This organisation accepts submissions from people around the world who want us to report on things of interest to our growing audience. The best News and discussions will be included in our articles within the Publishing Schedule.

How to report?

Simply send us an email or video detailing the item in question in a few short paragraphs. If we decide to include it in an article, we will let you know and discuss how you can be featured, or remain confidential.

What cannot be accepted?

We are unable to accept anything which is not reasonably within the public domain, such as product releases prior to release dates, anything illegal, or items of a personal nature.

Events / Rallies?

Reportage on events linked to anything. Could be music, a literary event, a new building being opened, or even a rally or carnival.


What about lifestyle reporting on the diverse scope of people who make up our world? Let us know.

Business/Tech News?

In the tech or Business world, we want to hear what is happening. Do you have a story to report?


The Mackayan is an organisation that supports young and beginners to the media world. We have a successful, growing organisation of over 18,000 audience members.

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can report on the things that matter to you and your world. Submissions which are selected and meet our criteria will receive a response within 48 hours.

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