politics department

scope & team

The Politics department produces journalism for the full Political spectrum. Focusing on domestic and European affairs, the Americas and the Asian Political Arena. The Team publishes articles several times a week.

chiara castro [politcal editor: south america, Europe and Asia]

With an Italian background, Chiara is well placed to write on international affairs and literature within Politics.

nigel tate [political editor: uk and the americas]

Focusing on the socio-anthropological aspects of Domestic and World Politics, Nigel looks at how Policy and law shapes society

Matthew PArkes [political Columnist]

With a keen interest in international politics and journalism, Matthew writers about poignant issues and events affecting society across the Globe.

hannah lingard [political columnist]

With a key specialism in South American Politics and economies, Hannah is well placed to write on Political, social and environmental reform.

kaz bosali [political Columnist]

Coming to the team with a specialism in Law and writing for Business, Kaz focuses on the Political from a wide spectrum of ideas.

gabrielle jones [political columnist]

A graduate of Politics and International relations, together with a heightened interest in European Philosophy.

Connie Hatt [political Columnist]

Specialising in Historical Context and current affairs, Connie is well placed to write comparative pieces on societal developments.