Megan Rees

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Artist, Creative writer

To Megan, writing has always been her most natural form of expression, as well as a vehicle to understand her world. An MA English Literature graduate currently working as a Bid Writer, she aspires to be a writer and editor, producing and publishing material that makes a difference.

As part of this drive to make a real positive difference in the world, she currently runs her own website focused on body positivity and self-acceptance, as well as writing for a homeless charity, raising awareness of the challenges and lack of support facing some of our most vulnerable. s

Her writing aims to make people think, questioning preconceptions and ideas; whether societal or her own beliefs. Exhausted with being bombarded with ‘perfect’ (edited and posed) bodies and lives, she set up as a place where she could be vulnerable and honest, encouraging others to embrace themselves for who they are and questioning societal ideals.

Inherently a creative person, in her free time she’s enthusiastic about trying her hand at new things. Most recently, this materialised as an *attempt* at crafting a vase using dry clay. As well as this, she finds peace in pruning and caring for the twenty three houseplants she somewhat impulsively acquired during the initial March lockdown in 2020.


Body Positivity

Gender Studies

Medieval Literature

19th / 20th Century Literature