literature department

scope & team

The department of Literature has a wide scope of specialists producing articles. Visiting the World of Literature from many angles, the team selects interesting and often poignant discussions for our audience. In addition, their journalism extends to interviews with a range of people from the Literary World.

annabel barker [literature columnist]

Focusing on the Themes, structure and message behind many well known literary works, Annabel produces articles that uncover new ideas.

alex lorenzu [literature Columnist]

With inspiration derived from unconventional narratives, Alex explores the ideas behind society and its accompanying Literary productions.

mandy wan [literature columnist]

Specialising in the connections between psychology and philosophy, how this is portrayed in literature and through emotion.

esther duckworth [literature Columnist]

With experience in English, Spanish and History, Esther explores the wide spectrum, including the arts.

joanna davies [literature columnist]

A classically trained writer with an acute interest in the sociological connections literature has within societal and cultural themes.

natalie campbell [literature Columnist]

A degree in literary studies and an strong interest in Journalism places Natalie in a good stead to write about the vagaries of life.

Ezra Meikle [literature columnist]

With a specialism in postcolonial literature and the Romantics, Ezra is well positioned to write about and analyse a wide range of prose through the ages.

About Us

The Mackayan is committed to the ongoing development of both its participants and the organisation.

We are dedicated to ensuring compliance to our core values, believe in quality journalism and excellent literature.