kieran long

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Writer, Media Enthusiast

Kieran is a trained historian with a BA in History and an MA in Public History from Royal Holloway, University of London. He is particularly interested in oral history and its ability to support histories typically marginalised by dominant narratives.

His MA final project, a website called ‘In Sickness and in Trouble’: Community and Resistance in South Wales’ Mining Communities 1918 – 1945, highlighted oral histories to challenge prevailing understandings of Welsh history.

He is now volunteering here, at The Mackayan, as a music columnist. An avid hip-hop fan, he is primarily interested in music that deals with social issues. His love of the genre exposed him to black history, ultimately prompting him to pursue history at university where he could marry his passion for music and writing.

Kieran also has a keen interest in all things media, particularly video-games, which he writes about on his blog Quick Time Entertainment