Karl Houghton

Karl Houghton, Executive Editor, of The Mackayan Magazine, Cognitive Scientist, Trainer, Investor and Entrepreneur.

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Cognitive Scientist, Trainer, Investor, Entrepreneur

Having first becoming involved with the stage from a young age as a performer with a drama school in, Loughborough, UK, Karl developed a passion for the arts, with an interest in English and modern foreign languages in the educational, the media worlds, and how these are driven by perception.

With this background in the expressive arts and the world of Language, Karl has become an avant-garde specialist in the fields of Cognitive Science, communication and Leadership.

Karl has lead publishing projects and large teams, collaborated with a range of well known organisations and people, including the BBC, The Princes Trust.

He runs several projects and focusing on the human self, the learning cycle, and the mental arrangement of the mind and is also a speaker, running events and sessions for exclusive clients, Businesses and members of the public through his organisation, Houghton & Mackay.

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