jasmine chan

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Artist, Creative writer

I am a BA Fine art and Illustration student who is looking for placements, as well as experience in the art industry. In the past, I have collaborated with artists, along with some experience with invigilating for an exhibition. I paint and draw in an abstract style and have interest in abstract expressionism and gestural art. Recently, I have begun to explore making and editing videos.

To me, art is something that is inclusive and can be translated into a variety of media. Art transcends barriers and is understood in many ways. I aim to discuss about the arts industry and how the world influences art. I currently volunteer for The Mackayan as an arts columnist and artist for The Arches Project.

I have always been fascinated by things around me, which started off as reading a book filled with illustrations as a child to looking at music album covers, comics, and Manga books as well as street adverts. I also enjoy drawing nature, and people as they bring a new way of looking at shapes and are constantly changing. Documenting them in an artistic way would be amazing to look back on after a period of time as well as becoming a way to bridge over the written or musical things to bring them to a visual and exciting form for others to think about. My current work is about my response to current events.


Asian Culture

Modern Art


Fine/Abstract Arts