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Social Advocate, writer

Janine has a thirst for knowledge, thriving on bringing into awareness the inequalities and misconceptions of society.  Through her career, Janine has conducted research, written reports to implement new ways of filling gaps in services while ensuring barriers have been overcome.

With social issues and cultures being the focus of her education, Janine hopes of a more tolerant and understanding future for the world. Giving a voice to those less privileged, ignored and forgotten about. Janine strives to use her writing as a momentum for change and to discuss the issues that many shy away from.

Educated in research and sociology, practical experience with children and families and training in a variety of fields such as substance misuse, mental health, exploitation and various therapies, Janine combines this to blog for single parent websites and write articles for The Mackayan, while working towards journalism accreditation.

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Societal Issues


Human Rights