culture department

scope & team

The Culture department covers all aspects of culture across the human spectrum. Focusing on articles linked to society, its culture and traditions. The team writes articles several times a week for the publication, whilst covering the main genre, including lifestyle and Culture across the World.

janine white [culture editor]

Specialising in psychological and Social Enquiry, Janine focuses on publishing articles that considers all aspects of daily life, including therapy and mental health

iasmina voinea [culture Columnist]

With a specialism in Modern Contemporary worlds and languages, Iasmina focuses on articles with a fascination on cultural diversity across the globe.

anna alford [culture columnist]

Focusing on neuroscience and a fascination with human anthropology, Anna looks at how these cross over with the Education world.

sandra bishop [culture Columnist]

With a specialism on the learning cycle and social care, Sandra is well placed to write articles on the sociological and cultural.

stephen hinds day [culture columnist]

Specialising in philosophy and creative writing, Stephen is well positioned to execute writing that explores the deeper relationships occurring on common cultural themes.

Harvey Dorset [culture Columnist]

A writer with a strong background in History and Culture, Harvey is well positioned to explore societal movements and those who drive the agenda.

andrea jane pearce [culture columnist]

Visiting discussions in society that are often left untouched, Andrea shines a light on the people, ideas and philosophical aspects in common themes.

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