Arts Department

scope & team

The Arts department covers all aspects of art from canvas to the theatre. Focusing on a wide scope of articles, the team look at how art intertwines with society and the world of expression. With a very well balanced team, the department is well positioned to produce articles covering the broad spectrum within the arts Genre.


cherry irvine [ARTS COLUMNIST]

With her main focus on how art is displayed and utilized, Cherry writes about exhibitions, and the role of art across the broad spectrum in society.

Caoimhe Clements [ARTS Columnist]

The combination of expressionalism, photography and writing stands Caoimhe in good stead for articles on the arts.

jasmine chan [ARTS COLUMNIST]

With a key focus on fine art and art history, Yasmine produces articles discussing expressionism and abstract art.

Alex Stubbs [ARTS Columnist]

A writer with an MA in Art History, Alex brings a philosophical mind to the challenges of art criticism and analysis.

About Us

The Mackayan is committed to the ongoing development of both its participants and the organisation. We are dedicated to ensuring compliance to our core values, believe in quality journalism and excellent literature.