Publishing for the perceptive.

The Focus

The Mackayan is part of the Houghton & Mackay organisation, offering services to clients wishing to develop their minds & expand learning. This side of the organisation provides a service for those new to the world of publishing and the Media.

We cover subjects from the world of human expression and dives deep into common perspectives to analyse the ideas, behaviours and people that make society happen. Each article focuses on the perceptive angle as we Perceive the World of art, culture, music, politics, literature. The Magazine has an growing online audience of over 18,000 (as of June. 2021). We are accepting new clients and article submissions at any time, simply contact us.


Articles are published daily at 10am & 9pm UK* time. If you are on the major social media platforms, please look out for them via the main pages and feel free to become a subscriber or participant. See the Publishing Schedule Page to keep updated on our upcoming releases. To appear on the schedule, email to book a slot. It is first come first served.


Our participants focus on the Arts, Music, Literature to Culture…and Politics. See interviews by professionals in each sector, as they talk about their own dynamic, guest articles, and pieces from a range of authors. See the latest articles via the Home Page.

“The World is a very puzzling place, if you’re not willing to be puzzled, you just become a replica of someone else’s mind”

Noam Chomsky

*on selected days, the publishing schedule will also publish at 10am UK Time. “The Mackayan” and “Publishing for the Perceptive” are trademarks. Terms & Conditions