The mackayan magazine enters its next phase and prepares for summer.

The magazine is seeking volunteers from around the World to take part in the magazine team. If you can write articles on the arts, literature, Music, Culture or Politics, then shout out.

Interested writers are invited to contact the magazine on Info@themackayan.com

Alternatively, send a direct message on one of the social media channels below for a response within 48 hours.


So, what’s in it for you?

Firstly, some good news stories. We have a very good audience to Writer ratio, of approximately 600:1, far better than many other writer sites claiming to have many thousands of writers. The trick there is, the audience and writers are the same thing!

The Mackayan has a very clear and separate audience to the writers with nearly 20,000 followers online.

Virtual Library

We have a library of learning resources under development to help you with publishing, the legal and copyright site and so much more.

Membership to this area is free for participants.