Growing popularity provides an additional platform for the “Big 5”.

By Kaz Bosali: Political Columnist

The public approval for the royal family rose during the Covid-19 pandemic particularly after the Queen’s televised speech in April 2020 in response to the first national lockdown.

The royal family has often been a beacon of hope during tough times, the way its citizens looked at them recently was reminiscent of the two world wars in the 20th century.

There has been one certain member of the royal family that has stood out and become the star of the show during this strange time: The Duchess of Cambridge. Far from the tabloid backlash aimed at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, for the Cambridges, their popularity has soared, especially for Duchess Kate. Although the Cambridges are isolating in Anmer Hall during the pandemic, the future Queen has stepped up and been featured in various Zoom calls to her patronages and NHS workers. The following are the significant projects Catherine has launched or been a part of during this crucial time.

Hold Still Project

During the first national lockdown, as the Patron of the National Portrait Gallery, Catherine launched the Hold Still project which invited people to submit a photograph that captures their experience in quarantine.

There were over 31,000 submissions that showcased a range of the new normal including the British public clapping for carers, the keyworkers performing their jobs and the sheer emotions captured in some of the photographs. Kate Middleton was part of the virtual panel that selected the final 100.

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Big 5 Project

Mental health awareness is a cause spearheaded and campaigned by the duchess. The early years of a child is crucial to their development, something that the mother of three has passionately spoken about previously.

Her first solo project focused on this and as part of this, last year, Catherine launched The Big 5. It’s a survey that asks 5 questions in a bid to start a conversation and emphasise on the emotional and mental wellbeing of children aged 5 and under. The results from the survey are intended to equip charities and schools with information to best support children and improve their early years.

Although it’s been almost a year since the first UK national lockdown, and since then there’s been two more and a major disruption to life as everyone knew it, it’s been business as usual for Catherine. This year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. The duchess, over the years has started to come to her own. A far cry from the reserved and visibly nervous Kate Middleton who announced her engagement back in November 2010.

Next year she will celebrate her 40th year as someone who has cemented her position in the House of Windsor, as a popular senior member of the royal family and a beacon of hope and stability, to what has been a rather tumultuous year for other royals including Prince Andrew and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The Duchess of Cambridge is a fitting future Queen.

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