The true value of art could be determined by its effect on us

More than ever, art has taken centre stage. Especially in times like these, where we are given the time to ponder. What is the value of art? Why value it compared to other subjects such as science? Besides, it is just images, words, and sound, right?

To understand the value of art, let us first look at how artwork is produced. It all begins with either the artist finding inspiration to explore, or through a brief that has been assigned to the creative to solve a problem in a unique way. From there, the artist researches or explores further ideas. They develop a style that expresses themselves along with the idea. Once the creative has completed the artwork. It then goes onto either being sold by themselves or by galleries. Alternatively, it is given to someone or an organization.

Galleries and auction houses value art on the history, context, and story of how the craft was created. If the creative is no longer around, is famous, or the medium itself is the only one in existence. The monetary value goes up.

However, this is not the end of the creative work being developed. It is continually evolving into other mediums, or ways of being viewed. Adding more depth to what was originally done.

Art therefore allows a multitude of voices to speak in a unique way. This makes it one of the few subjects that is inclusive towards the public. Being creative, is something that is a mindset and is not limited to one’s supplies. You do not have to be educated and experienced in the creative field to make things. With this in mind, we can also consider crafting to be therapeutic.

But in a society that is focused on the development of technology, science, and commerce. It is easy to see why art would not be given a second glance. Afterall, without science, we would not be able to live for long or understand how certain things work. Technology has allowed us to be able to communicate from a distance and has made living easier. While commerce has allowed us to exchange products, along with services while receiving something of equal value.

With trying times such as these, we can sometimes forget that the arts have been continually enriching our lives despite being indoors. Otherwise, how would we be able to stay in our homes without feeling frustrated about not being able to go outside?

To finish, art is priceless to society. Each craft that is produced has a story, history, voice and meaning that differs depending on the individual. This does not mean that it is more important than things such as science, technology, and business. Rather, it has a place in society. This is because it allows people to give voice to their opinions and ideas.

MACKAYAN: is art priceless to society?