Patrick Moya, the prominent French artist discusses his journey & unique art

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By leyla resuli: arts Columnist

Creator of Moya Land and many other prolific pieces since the 1970s, Patrick Moya is a force to be reckoned with in the art world. Part of the ‘Ecole de Nice’ movement, his work has been displayed in the online virtual world of Second Life, on public mini buses in Cannes, and even on the walls of a Catholic church dedicated to Saint Jean Baptiste.

As the creator of over 4,500 pieces, what is Moya trying to achieve with his work? What is the thought process behind his art, and what does it take to be a successful creator of conceptual paintings, sculptures, and video art? The Mackayan interviewed the artist himself to find out.

Patrick’s art exists across the Globe, including Korea.

Taking us back to where it all started, Moya describes his beginnings in the art world.

“At a very young age I read contemporary art magazines, and in 1974 I entered the art school in Nice, The Villa Arson. My student job was to make live TV shows from a studio to an amphitheatre with a video camera and monitor. The goal was to try to make art in a live medium. I theorised that if art was produced through an instant medium, the story of the art and the creator did not have time to tell itself, and that the creature masked the creator.”

Moya explains that the inspiration behind a lot of his work comes from with the way we pass through the infinite channels of communication and information available to us in the current age.

“Art is the way in which humans pass through the media of their time and how they transmit their presence to others. The more complex the media becomes, the more multifaceted the artist’s work must be. The work is what remains of this crossing. When faced with solid materials like marble, the work is the artist’s most important endeavour, but when faced with instant media, it is his choices and his journey through the networks that make the work.”

Across the body of work that Moya has created, there are fascinating examples of fashion, modern art, and pop culture being woven together. Acknowledging the elements of pop culture in his work, Moya explains that his art takes a different approach.


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Patrick Moya painting one of his many murals

“For paintings that are a part of my work and that texture my virtual worlds I sometimes use a pop aspect, but I am the opposite of Pop Art. Pop art uses figures of popular culture that it did not create and uses their fame. In my case I create my own characters around the figure of “Moya”, who represents me, and I sometimes give them a pop aspect to suggest that they are as famous as Mickey. I also create derivatives and fashion products even before the product is well-known, to create that illusion.”

When asked if his objectives are more personal or business-driven, it’s clear that Moya’s love of art surpasses anything else.

“I always wanted to be an artist and I never thought of it as a choice of profession. Despite the difficulties I never wanted to do anything else or even be a teacher. When it came to earning a living I always tried to stay on this career path, even though sometimes in my youth I produced works that were very much to put food on the table, such as frescoes for restaurants and posing as a nude model for the Fine Arts for ten years.”

Many artists weave cultural contexts through their work, and Moya is no exception. Having a multicultural background has led to a diverse scope of inspiration for his work.

“Every artist says how they identify with their social origins and their geographical location. I was born in Troyes, a medieval town, to Spanish parents of the Catalan sphere, and I live on the French Riviera. I am a mixture of all of this. A baroque narcissism on vacation…”

An example of Moya’s colourful and unique style

The works of Patrick Moya are appreciated both in this reality and in virtual ones, with art lovers all over the world engaging with them. It is clear that Moya has a true passion for art, and that this is the driving force in creating his masterpieces. He has created a whimsical world to share with his audiences in the form of Moya Land, and for all its quirky allusions to his identity and to popular culture, it remains its own unique and imaginative world.

Art & Photography kindly used with permission of Patrick Moya