Doing the Bare Minimum

By Karl Houghton: Chief Editor

What is required ? One may ask. And the response will depend on who is given the question.
Beware of the proverbial gift horse, it is a rather dark beast…ambling up on you when you least expect. Ridden by experience, our perceptions presented, neatly groomed, bridled in hope but lead with fate.

Tally Ho!

There’s a gaping void between doing the bare minimum, and doing the bare minimum required. It is down to understanding, as opposed to luck…an interpretation of the environment, the objectives, and of the participants. Anybody understanding the difference and where they exist will have a far luckier time of it.

We have to know our audience, their vagaries, our actual goals, and only then can we be fully aware of where we are heading. Replace fortuity with a finely tuned focus and the difference will become apparent; we will see the finish line well in advance. As for doing what is required, you can now bet on it. It will no longer be the bear minimum…perceptively speaking…however we present it.

To the blinkered, an employee working extensively with little progress, is truly as rare as a racehorse reaching for the finish post unaided. The fact being, the rider is not sure which end the head is at, which direction they are heading, or where the line has been drawn.

“Half the Failures in life result from pulling in one’s horse when it is leaping”

So how effective is a team, galloping at full pelt to reach a goal. It depends on the goal, how far they have travelled and whether the blinkers are off. Essentially very much so, and now we are getting somewhere. Proverbially speaking, brevity is key, or we may be wasting our time.

Only this time the blinkers weren’t off, the finish line was not drawn and we have left the other riders behind.

You see, peripheral vision is still the problem. And nobody can see it.